Oukitel K10 Review: Phone With Big Baterry & Hight Specs Published: 2 months ago By: All Gadget


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The release of Oukitel k10 is a sure boom for compititors after its k6, so we have punched up all information regarding it. You will be amazed to know that it has to offer a huge battery life of 11,000mAh after the release of K6 with the sporting battery life of 6,300mAh battery. Not just this, it comes with 6 GB of RAM and MediaTek Helio P23 64-bit octa-core processor which is quite good to run any application or perform any longer operations. Moreover, as the craze of Face ID is on the hike, Oukitel can never set back. So here, the amazing blend of exciting features with a massive battery life. Now, whether it be traveling or forgetting your charger behind, or playing games for the longer duration or watching movies or whatever. Oukitel K10 can be an amazing companion. Let's look for more in there.
Design and Display

In the scenario of hike in bezel-less phones, Oukitel K10 has a 6-inch fullHD+ display in magnesium alloy metal frame with real leather back cover which gives the premium looks to design and interface visibility is quite friendly. Talking about the overall looks then surely this piece has got sturdy looks. However, if we are expecting a slim trim phone with no weight or less weight then this is not the one.


Since MediaTek Helio P23 64-bit octa-core processor is quite famous in the list of the chipset as it is made for an active lifestyle followed by people and to compliment the best performance, so here is built. Oukitel K10 use the very same processor and believed to be offering an outstanding performance with the medley of other features. Talking about RAM then it will be 6GB with 64GB of storage capacity, so you can run heavy apps very comfortably. Click, Play, Enjoy.