Unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 from any network fo free. English Published: 5 years ago By: DenGadgets

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How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 from any network (3 Three, O2, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, Tesco, AT&T and others) for FREE by following this steps:

1) Check if your phone is locked to a network
To check that your phone is locked to a network insert other network SIM card and you will get a prompt to "Enter Network Lock Control Key"
Or in dial mode enter *#7465625# and see if "Network Lock" is "ON"

2) Your Phone has to be Rooted
See How to Root your Samsung Galaxy Ace http://youtu.be/jIK7pAu4ddE

3) Go to Play Store and install "Busybox" and "Galaxy Ace Unlock" apps

4) In Busybox app run "Smart Install"

5) Get Network Lock Control Key
Run "Galaxy Ace Unlock" app
Click "Unlock" and get a list of Unlock codes.
Then switch off your phone.

6) Unlock your phone
Insert a SIM card from another network carrier and turn on your phone
Enter a number from your list in the prompt "Enter Network Lock Control Key".
Click "Unlock"...
And you should get a message "Network unlock successful".
Your phone now is Unlocked to any network!

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Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if you mess up your phone by following my instructions. Unlocking might be dangerous for your phone and might void your phone's warranty. Ensure you understand all risks you take before continue.