Bluboo S8 Review : First Samsung S8 Pseudo Clone Ever Released Published: 4 months ago By: All Gadget


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The Samsung Galaxy S8 was announced in March and shipped in April. Thus it has been on the market for about 7 months. Thanks to a great and bezel-less design and Snapdragon 835 chip it was able to win customers’ hearts and become one of the best-selling smartphones in the globe. Actually, the Samsung S8 is a perfect phone with a myriad of excellent features. But not everyone can afford himself/herself to take hands this amazing smartphone. All those who have low incomes and are not ready to spend much on a smartphone will look for an affordable Samsung Galaxy S8 alternative. Fortunately, there are too many companies offering their own Samsung S8-like phones at low price tags. But unfortunately, most of them don’t deserve to be purchased. This means you should be a geek to understand which model is worth your money. Today we are going to find out whether the Bluboo S8, which is considered to be one of the most attractive clones of the Samsung S8, deserves your attention as well as your money. Before we start the Bluboo S8 review, you should know this phone has many advantages and disadvantages. So it should be very difficult to come in with a final verdict. However, let’s try puzzle it out.