Making magic in traffic with a smartphone Published: 3 years ago By: CommuneLausanne


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You’ve never seen anything like this – 24-year-old Jonas disappears in front of your eyes!
24-year-old Jonas enjoys listening to music and chatting with his friends on his mobile phone – even while walking in traffic. But the distraction caused by his smartphone does not end well...

This ad by the Lausanne Police in conjunction with the bfu – Swiss Council for Accident Prevention and other partners shows the effects of inattentiveness in traffic in a shocking manner. Distraction is a factor in 1 in 4 accidents in Switzerland. Listening to music or talking on a mobile phone restricts the user’s awareness of the immediate environment, and the 15 to 30 age group is particularly affected.

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Production: Police de Lausanne
Support: bpa – Bureau de prévention des accidents
Direction: Raphaël Sibilla & Jérôme Piguet – RJ41
The undertaker: Fred Vallet
Jonas: Anthony Vuignier