Toshiba T2200SX LCD Poor Contrast Repair Published: 7 months ago By: dosdude1


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In this video, I go over the process of repairing a vintage Toshiba T2200SX 386SX-based laptop that had contrast issues with its LCD panel. Before the repair, the LCD's contrast was way off, making it so you couldn't even see anything on the display. After re-capping both the LCD controller board and inverter board, the display now works perfectly fine, and has perfect contrast like it should.

Capacitors used:

LCD driver board:
7x 6.8uF, 35V (EEA-GA1V6R8H)
1x 47uF, 6.3V (ECE-A0JKA470)

Inverter board:
2x 4.7uF, 16V (UMA1C4R7MCD2TP)
1x 1uF, 50V (UMA1H010MDD)
1x 22uF, 35V (UVR1V220MDD1FA)
1x 1.5uF, 35V (UMF1V1R5MDD)