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iPhone 5 - Backlight with no image fixed (botched repair rescue - missing L42) Published: 6 months ago By: STS Telecom


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Here I fix an iPhone 5 that would boot with backlight but no image on the screen. There really isn't much brain work in this repair - I seen what was broke off and replaced it.

These repairs always go way different when you do them on camera with one eye. It's hard to see what I was so worried about when I started nitpicking... one side of the component looked good but the other side showed signs of weakness. If I could redo this video, directly after I bump the new image choke with the micro pencil at all 4 pins, I would have fluxed it, re-flowed with hot air and then let the solder solidify while holding it flat on the board with tweezers. I did that step right after I ate lunch but didn't record it. There really is no need to clean it 3 times - that took place for the sake of looking better when I showed my work under the microscope. This repair was actually done before I started nitpicking but who wants a crooked image choke?! LOL

Also, I do realize that the iPhone 5 has five of those image chokes but on the side of the connector we are working on - there are only 4 :D

Sorry for the shaky zoomed in shots - I was really hungry!

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