Discover a new way of listening with Xperia Ear Duo Published: 3 weeks ago By: Sony Xperia


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Stay in tune with the world.
Discover Xperia Ear Duo:

Experience a new way to listen to music, take calls and manage your schedule – all the while staying in touch with your surroundings with Xperia Ear Duo and its revolutionary "dual listening" technology.
Manage your life with *Daily Assist; a personal voice assistant who will help you to stay engaged with important work discussions, remind you of events throughout your day and read or send messages to and from friends or colleagues. All this is controlled with intuitive, hands free head gestures, meaning you can multitask with ease.
The innovative Spatial Acoustic Conductor, sleek open-style design and wireless headphones mean you can enjoy an active lifestyle and stay connected in style.
Stay in tune with the world.
*Xperia Ear Duo is compatible with Google™ & Siri.