Razer Phone Review: Brilliant Brickphone Brings An Experience Like No Other Published: 4 months ago By: All Gadget


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In an arguably stagnant phone market an unexpected new player has emerged: Razer. Yep, the well-known gaming brand isn’t hanging up its core business, rather bringing its gaming expertise to the phone market. But in the unimaginatively named Razer Phone it has achieved a tech dichotomy.

The idea of a “phone for gamers” is both exciting and a contradiction because, really, the Android platform doesn’t have that many high-end top-tier games. This isn’t a custom PC rig in phone form, although it does bring some really interesting new ideas to that market – namely the first 120Hz display, doubling the refresh rate of any current phone on the market for ultra-smooth playback – that we’ll no doubt see appear in competitors’ models in the not-so-distant future.

If you know about phones then the recent shift to all-glass back designs and the chucking in of unwanted face recognition might not excite you – especially when considering how expensive things can get – but that’s far from the route that Razer has taken. The Razer Phone is a brickphone by today’s flagship standards, but its anodised metal shell is strikingly different to the current norm, while its Snapdragon 835 platform and 8GB RAM ensure it’s ultra-powerful.

All these features are certainly not to be sniffed at, especially given the device’s £699/$699 price point. In among recent near-£1K phones (we’re looking at you, Apple), that price point will help what is ultimately a niche phone appeal to a yet wider audience. So, does the Razer’s first phone stand a chance in the already tricky-to-break market? We’ve been using one as our day-to-day phone for a full week to find out…