Blu Studio 7.0 II (2) S480u Unboxing and Overview Published: 3 years ago By: WirelessBoss

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The new update to the D700i, D700a, D700 is here with the Blu Studio S480u, S480

The STUDIO 7.0 II comes in Blue, Grey and Gold. Measuring just 103mm wide, it is wrapped around a brushed aluminum frame that accentuates its elegant metal finish. The back is coated in a durable texture finish that lasts. Its front profile is just as beautiful as the posterior with its color matched brushed touch panel decors.
To make sure that all your tasks are performed without a glitch, there is a Mediatek 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM to keep you running smooth and efficient. thick, scratch resistant, has a high polish sure everything looks perfect.

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