Doogee Mix 2 Smartphone Review: Things to know before Buy Published: 3 months ago By: All Gadget


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Since the last year, when Xiaomi’s Mi Mix was launched, the smartphone market is getting flooded with several low-budget smartphones with bezel-less design. Doogee Mix was one of those low budget smartphones with high-end features. The Chinese company, Doogee, gained a lot of appreciation for their almost bezel-less design on their flagship phone. As the competition among the smartphone companies is increasing, Doogee had to move further with its flagship smartphone. Now, just few months after Doogee Mix, the company launched its successor, Doogee Mix 2. The Company itself is claimed this budget smartphone is a the biggest challenger for samsung note 8.

So without wasting time lets see whats special in this Mix 2 bezel-less smartphone.
Though the design of the predecessor was quite similar to the Xiaomi’s Mi Mix, this time Doogee opted to go with a taller display and a different design. The phone has the covered by the shiny glass on the back which gives the luxurious look to the phone. The phone has both dual camera on the back and font as well. So it is quad camera featured phone. It sports a 5.5 –inch Full HD+ display with a resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels and aspect ratio of 18:9. Doogee Mix had three-sided bezel-less display, which is not the case with Mix 2.

Despite a taller 5.99-inch display, the body of the phone of not more than 5.5-inch making it easy to use.

The company preferred the front camera on the top rather than placing it awkwardly on the chin, by leaving the top as it is.
Just like Face ID on iPhone X, Doogee Mix 2 has a feature called 3D Facial Recognition, which unlocks the phone by just looking at it by detecting your face. Apart from 3D Facial Recognition, the device can also be secured with fingerprint sensor. It is the major upgrade in this smartphone from its predecessor. This premium feature you will hardly get in any budget bezel-less smartphone.

The two latest technologies, which high-end smart phone companies are offering, are edge-to-edge display or the bezel-less display and dual camera setup.

he function of dual camera is to provide optical zoom and to capture the depth inside a picture and details around the subject to produce something that looks professional.

The tech-giants like Apple, Samsung, LG etc. only provide the dual camera setup at the rear but Doogee Mix 2 also has a dual camera setup in the front making it a quad-camera equipped smartphone.

Dual 8.0MP cameras in the front not only takes amazing selfies and provide 130-degree wide-angle lens for group photos but also works as a security feature. The pair of 16.0MP and 13.0MP dual rear camera can record upto 4K videos.