Vividay Oral Irrigator Review & Comparison to A Portable Water Flosser Published: 8 months ago By: iLuvTrading

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How powerful is it? How much noise does the motor make?
Here is a review of the Vividay water flosser as well as a comparison to a portable water flosser. The Vividay water flosser comes with a powerful motor and 7 tips. This is great if you have braces as well. I compare this to a portable water flosser because with a portable water flosser you get the convenience of having it cordless and its small enough to be portable as well. However you will not get the powerful water pressure opposed to a motorized water flosser. Also the motor noise on the Vividay is similar to the portable one even at max pressure. I had another motorized oral irrigator a couple years ago but it was 2x as loud as the Vividay which was big no no. I hope you found this review/comparison informative.

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