Samsung s6 Edge Water Damage Data Recovery from Hell Published: 2 years ago By: iPad Rehab

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Equipment we use like microscopes, soldering irons, cleaners, tools & more are LINKED BELOW!

Do not watch this video. It is nothing but an hour of painful struggle to recovery the data from a Samsung s6 edge that was water damaged.

I made this video to show that there is a lot of repair that can be done with basic board repair troubleshooting skills like we teach at Practical Board Repair School, even when you don't have a schematic for a device.

But in the end, I learned that pyramid reballing of chips is just as much of a godawful nightmare as it seems. Instead of an all nighter of repair that leads to success at 5:30am, just order the damn stencils!

Find out more about our dead iPhone data recovery services at:

👉 Curious what microscope/soldering tools we use to do these jobs? Check below!

● Soldering Station:
● Hot Tweezers:
● Tips:
● Micropencil:
● Microscope:
● Microscope LED light:
● My PREFERRED Hot Air station:
● Hot Air station:
● Flux:
● Solder paste:
● Multimeter:
● Multimeter Probes:
● Fume Extractor:
● Solder:
● Ultrasonic Cleaner:
● Branson EC cleaning fluid:
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