Xperia™ Ear Open-style CONCEPT – The best of both worlds Published: 11 months ago By: Sony Xperia

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Enhance the soundtrack of your life with Xperia™ Ear Open-style CONCEPT:

Sony’s innovative new listening technology delivers the music you love alongside the vital sounds that matter – bringing you more in tune with the world around you.

While you listen to clear, powerful and quality audio, the open, unrestricted style still lets you hear all-important sounds from the environment around you. That might be the sound of traffic, someone saying hi to you in the street, or birdsong while out exploring. It’s a subtle touch, but the effect is amazing.

Compact, comfortable and as light as a feather, they’ll keep you company all day – if it wasn’t for the music, you wouldn’t even notice you’re wearing them. They’re completely wireless, and come with a handy compact charging case that matches each of their statement finishes perfectly.

Xperia™ Ear Open-style CONCEPT is naturally intelligent too – it comes with all the latest Xperia Ear assistance through intuitive voice, movement and gesture control.