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Nokia 8 Android smartphone with lollipop UPDATE TECHNOLOGY Published: 1 month ago By: Update Technology


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Finally, microsoft make it for the market.
Super phone & super design
If Nokia were to change the outer design of their Windows Phone devices and go for a thinner, sharper, rectangular approach, the Nokia 8 would become one of the most popular handsets on the market.

It is only a concept phone at the moment, but it might easily become reality in the not-too-distant future, especially with the entire industry moving to thinner, more powerful designs.

This is not an ordinary concept phone, that’s for sure. It sports straight, sharp edges, a simple, minimalistic case, capable of easily fitting the life of any business user.

Moreover, there’s a large touchscreen display that users can take advantage of on this phone, along with enhanced connectivity options, microUSB port, and speaker and microphone grille to round up the design.

On the back, the Nokia 8 smartphone features a 12-megapixel photo snapper, most probably capable of full HD video recording.

The concept phone comes from Tobias Pankraz, who did not offer info on what it might pack inside, though he did say that Windows Phone 8 would be loaded on the device.

However, we can easily imagine that this handset would sport features in line with those packed inside today’s high-end smartphones.

This implies a dual-core application processor complemented by 1GB or more of RAM, and 16GB or 32GB of internal memory.

The phone’s display could reach 4.5-inch diagonally, while capable of delivering an HD resolution. As for thickness, we can imagine that the device would be in line with the slimmest phones out there today, at around 6.5 or 7 mm.

Overall, the Nokia 8 concept device appears built to impress business and end-users alike. And when put side by side with one of those Windows 8-based tablet PCs, such as Microsoft’s own Surface, it would certainly prove even more appealing than it already does.