Does A Laptop Vacuum Fan Cooler Really Work? Live Testing & Review Published: 4 months ago By: iLuvTrading


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Does A Laptop Mini Vacuum Fan Cooler Really Work? Yup no doubt as this one from Voilio drops my laptop temperture 8-10 degrees Celsius on average as you can see from my live test. Note that in order to use this your laptop must have a vent on the sides or back. One of my laptops I could not use it cause all my vents where on the bottom of my laptop which requires a big cooling pad that sits underneath the laptop. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Voilio Laptop Cooler Vacuum Fan Cooler V6 LCD Screen Dynamically Display Real-time Temp, Low-noise, Manual/Automatic Adjustable Fan Speed, USB and AC Adapter Powered (With AC Adaptor):

Coupon code: "BPCCFAT" 25% off exp. 11/1/2018 PST

If your laptop is running hot or overheating the first thing you should check is a possible faulty fan, faulty power supple, need to reseat heat sink or even dirt and debris build up inside your computer can cause temperature to rise very quickly. In any event these vacuum coolers are great to decrease heat especially if you are a gamer, video editor, etc.

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