Cubot King Kong Review Published: 2 months ago By: All Gadget


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Although the design trend of mobile phones is slim and big of screen, under a few special circumstances, we also need more special and professional mobile phone products, such as rugged phones. In recent years, outdoor enthusiasts continue to increase, hiking in the wild has become a universal way to travel, it’s undoubtedly a test for communication tools. No matter go crossing the river, climb with high altitude, across the desert, if you don’t take phones with three anti-function, it is really difficult to continue working in such an environment.

Today I bring the first three anti-cell phone King kong launched by Cubot company, designed for outdoor traveling and with a strong waterproof IP68 level, 1.5 m shock resistant, while carrying MTK6580 quad-core processor, original Android 7.0 system. Smart and professional three anti-fusion, is such a product able to meet the needs of an outdoor traveler?