OPPO Demos First 5G Live 3D Video Call, Promises Phones by Early 2019 Published: 2 weeks ago By: Vids 4u


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OPPO Demos First 5G Live 3D Video Call, Promises Phones by Early 2019 - https://goo.gl/2LVJ4G

OPPO has announced that it has successfully demoed world’s first 5G video call using 3D structured light technology. The demonstration reproduced a 3D portrait image on a remote receiver using portrait information collected structured-light 3D camera of an OPPO phone and 5G NR terminal prototypes from Qualcomm.

The company has utilized a customized OPPO R11s with the integrated structured light camera. It collected the color and 3D depth of the target object using RGB and the structured light camera of the phone. The information is transmitted from a 5G environment and was able to finally display the target object in a remote display screen.

OPPO a partnership with global chip-maker Qualcomm Technologies between the two major mobile phone core technologies, 3D Structured Light, and 5G, which are currently in force. Obviously, OPPO wants to express that it is necessary to strive first as a 5G Android mobile phone product.

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