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This video tutorial demonstrates how to replace your Galaxy S5 screen with minimal experience and a few basic tools.

Replacement parts

In this case the AMOLED was broken so there was no concern as far as additional damage to the screen. If your display is still working it will most likely be broken during the removal process making it necessary to replace the complete unit as shown in the video.

We did not happen to have a white replacement screen on hand and the customer chose to go with black rather than wait for the correct color to come in. Fortunately it appears that all of the displays regardless of color and carrier are interchangeable so kudos to Samsung for not making things difficult in that respect. As far as full disassembly though it gets a bit trickier.

Be sure to disconnect the home button flex cable from the back of the phone as failure to do so may result in damage to the cable. Also, during assembly be sure to feed the cable through the mid-frame before fully installing the screen. If anything gets trapped between the display and the housing it can cause pressure against the AMOLED which will most likely break it. You should also remove the screws from the rear panel as at least one of them needs to come out before pulling the display off otherwise you might damage the fingerprint scanner.

You will also want to be very careful when pulling the screen off not just because of the home button flex but also the soft keys at the bottom of the touchscreen. They are glued to the back of the glass like the first generation Samsung Galaxy phones and if you tear them they will have to be replaced. It is not a bad idea to plug everything in before you apply the adhesive just to make sure it is all working. Be careful though because if the screen touches anything sticky you don't want to break it by pulling it off of the mid-frame. This makes testing in this situation a bit tricky.

Samsung advertises the Galaxy S5 as water resistant in their commercials. One obvious sign of their efforts to seal out dust and moisture is the home button. It has a lot of adhesive holding it to the lens in addition to a rubber gasket similar to the one used on the iPhone 4S and all subsequent iPhone models although this one is particularly sticky. Using heat will make the job easier but you will want to be very careful not to tear the gasket itself.

Unfortunately it looks like other repairs for the S5 are going to be a lot more complicated and risky now that the screen must be removed in order to gain access to two screws that must be removed to perform a full disassembly. Removing the AMOLED without damaging it does not appear to be an easy task. In many cases replacing the entire display for something like a charging port or SIM reader repair seems inevitable.

At this time we do not recommend glass only replacement on this Samsung model. The LOCA glue used at the factory is different than the previous Galaxy models and is particularly difficult to separate from the digitizer. Beyond that certain colored lenses appear to be especially well bonded. Without using the proper equipment and high quality LOCA glue, even if the lens can be separated form the digitizer, you will most likely not be satisfied with the outcome. If and when we find a reliable method for removing just the glass for this phone it will be posted to this channel.

As stated earlier it is necessary to remove the screen for most repairs on this phone. This is unfortunate since up until now most Samsung phones in general have been repair friendly. Hopefully this is not a new trend for the Korean phone manufacturer. So far they are one of the few who still allow their users easy access to the battery making it very practical to replace when necessary. When the Galaxy S6 is released next year we will find out.

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