Smartphone camera test: Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7 vs HTC 10 vs Sony Xperia XZ vs LG G5 Published: 1 year ago By: TechRadar


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In our final part of our ultimate smartphone versus, it's the battle of the cameras. In order to determine a winner and the best camera you can get from your mobile we've pit each phone against each other in a number of different challenges.

Portrait, action, landscape, close up and low light are the shots each phone has to capture - All captured in auto mode to best suit a day to day environment.

In order to see how good the photos have come out we've brought in our photography editor Phil to help with the analysis and to take photos from his own Nikon D8000E DSLR (with a f/2.8 len) to set a bar for the phones to hit.

Without saying which photo was taken by which phone, we've let both James and Phil take a look at each photo on A3 printing paper and through a 4K Ultra HD monitor to determine which photographs win out in each category.

What do you think of the results and what phone do you use to take your photos? Let us know!