BEST Premiere Pro video editing laptop? - 2016 MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15 vs Razer Blade 14 Published: 1 year ago By: Max Yuryev


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Are windows laptops REALLY better for video editing with Premiere Pro? We put our Macbook to the test vs the best! ⬇️more listed below⬇️
Mac➡ XPS Amazon➡ Blade Amazon➡

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Exact Machines Tested (to spec)
2016 MacBook Pro - B&H Photo ➡
Dell XPS 15 9550 - Amazon➡
Late 2016 Razor Blade 1060 - Amazon➡

Cheaper Powerful Windows Alternatives:
MSI Amazon➡
Gigabyte Amazon➡
Asus Amazon➡


This Review Shot using:
Camera on Amazon➡
Lens on Amazon➡
Mic on Amazon➡

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