Making Movies on the Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge!? Published: 2 years ago By: Ash Tailor


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Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge cinematic low light camera test - Do you need a DSLR? Is this the best smartphone camera? Well, what you can get out of this phone is incredible. Seriously. Have a look! :D

The Samsung Galaxy S7 features a new sensor (Sony IMX260). It's lower in the megapixels but now we have larger pixels which means better low light performance! When you tie that to the faster lens, this is fantastic. Not only that, the camera on the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge has dual-pixel phase detection auto focus. Okay, sounds like a bunch of rubbish but this means blazing fast auto-focus and I'm not lying when I say it's the fastest I've ever seen on a smartphone.

Finally, how did I do this? This phone isn't like the LGv10. It doesn't allow you manual control of the video side of things. I used third party apps like Filmic Pro, Cinema FV-5, etc to control the exposure, White balance and Focus as it takes advantage of Android 6.0's (Marshmallow) Camera2.api.

Essentially I reduced the contrast big time and lifted the blacks. Oh i reduced the sharpness too as it's just overly sharp for me. The rest was just color style/grading with the normal things I do.

Pretty happy with the image that I got from it! For 90% of the shots I used the phone on a pistol grip. Some stuff in the woods was on a monopod and I tried to smooth out certain clips in post.

I had the phone for a very short period of time and I'd like to thank Carphone Warehouse for lending me the phone!

Apps used: (There's a paid version too)

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