Top 5 Unique Android Launchers | Best Android Launchers mid 2017 Published: 7 months ago By: AndroTrix


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Top 5 Unique Android Launchers
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Apps Mentioned

1 - Nova Launcher
Checkout how to get Pixel Device UI on your Smartphone
2 - Buzz Launcher
3 - Aviate by Yahoo
4 - Flow Home
5 - AP15

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Hello guys Namaste! Welcome back to AndroTrix, we all know ANDROID is super customization and launchers make it easy for user to customize the device or theme it to a whole different level. But if you go on Google play store there are thousands of launchers available for you and I'm sure you are not free to try out each one of them, but don't fear when androtrix is here! today I bring you a list of 5 best launcher as per my opinion

My first app has to be the Nova launcher and there's way to much to talk about it but with millions on download on the app I'm sure you might be aware of it. Here are few setups on my Nova launcher and they are amazing! If you use it as well. Hit me up on Twitter with a screenshot, maybe we can start a new series ? I had made a video of how to get Pixel device look via Nova that would be a good start if you are new into Nova Launcher

1- Buzz Launcher
If you are new into customization but yet want some dope theme for your Android. Well buzz launcher is the way to go for you. This application comes with inbuilt themes which changes the whole UI of smartphone including icons and widgets.
Here are few examples which I'm sure would make you checkout this app at least once.

2- Aviate
Now I get it not everyone on Android wants to customize it madly, all they want is simple UI in which case Aviate is one launcher worth trying. Aviate gets you your work done. You can keep favorite apps on home screen for easy access also the apps gets nicely categorized in the right side and you have this shortcut to go into messages or call someone. Top 5 Unique Android Launchers, Best Android Launchers mid 2017, Unique Launchers for Android, Best Android Launchers, Free Android Launchers, Best Free Android Launchers, Best Paid Android Launchers, Nova Launcher Tips and tricks, AndroTrix, best android launcher 2017, android, android launcher, best android apps, nova launcher On the left side they have added their own Google now version which gives you information based on where you are.
Simple and clean. Definitely worth trying if you are not into customization

3- Flow home.
If you use a lot of Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and Feedly, you are not even gonna use any other launcher than Flow Home!
This app is built for people who use a lot social media with super easy access to their timeline right on their home screen! I have connected Reddit account and Twitter and as you can see you get all your feed as soon as you open your device. You can add widget and change theme by pressing here. I wish they also included Instagram and Facebook but right now this is in beta version so maybe they add it in final version. And BTW all your apps are safe on the right side don't worth about it :P

4- AP15!
Now if you have had enough of Android customization and want nothing but just 100% productivity you may try this app called AP15 which shoots up the name of your app and then as much as you use the app it grows big. You can customize background and the font color or size. Although it is simple as fuck still it is unique in its own way!

So that's pretty much for the video these were MY PICK for the best Android launcher. If you agree with my list make sure to hit that like button and if you disagree then write me out in the comment section which is your preferred launcher and I will definitely give it a try.
See you guys in the next one! 😉