New Technology: Pocket Smart Projector by Sweam Published: 4 months ago By: iTekLab


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Giving pint-sized smart projectors an Android heart isn't a new idea, but many designs require the use of input peripherals or IR pens to activate icons, install apps or start the movie. Swedish tech startup Sweam has included a touchscreen display on the top of its pocket projector, offering familiar smartphone-like control while allowing users to watch shows on the small screen for the commute back home from work and continue the viewing experience on a living room wall.

The Sweam projector features a 4.1-inch touchscreen display at 358 ppi and runs Android 7.1, meaning users can install favorite apps from the Play Store without having to cable up or wirelessly pair IO peripherals like a keyboard or mouse. Its processing brain is a Snapdragon 625 with support from 16 GB of solid state storage (with microSD expansion) and 2 GB of RAM.

Projection comes courtesy of a Texas Instruments DLP module that puts out 60 - 100 lumens, which isn't in the same brightness ball park as the Xgimi CC Aurora but it should be fine for a dimly lit room or outdoor viewing when the sun's gone down.

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