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MagQi Wireless Qi Charger Kit for SmartPhones - Charge Wirelessly Everywhere! Published: 5 months ago By: ILuvTrading


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Here is a review of the Magqi Wireless Magnetic Charging Qi pad kit. It comes with magnetic wireless desk charger, magnetic wireless car charger, magnetic wireless power bank (w/ 2 usb ports) and 4 types of magnetic Qi receivers for different smartphones.

I forgot to mention that when you wirelessly charge your phone in the car you can still use your phone at the same time. For example taking making a phone call, video as a dash-cam or vlogging or time-lapse a road trip, use as GPS, etc. Let me know if have any other questions. thx.

Magqi wireless charger ki campaign:

2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB Cable:

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