Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Unboxing (4K) Published: 3 years ago By: adrianisen


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We are unboxing Samsung Galaxy Note 5 today, one of the most awaited smartphones of the year. If you are, and have been a fan of the Galaxy Note series, join with us to find out what’s great and what’s not in the Samsung Galaxy Note5 before you buy it.

The device felt instantly slimmer than its predecessor and also more compact. With an Octa core processor, 4GB RAM, 16MP camera, the device has only slight differences in specification to the Note 4 but is heavier. In the box are the charging plug, USB cable and the headphones.

When the Galaxy Note 5 was started up, a difference in the UI from the Note 4 was visible, with bigger icons and a different appearance. We learnt that it should be tapped to take out the SPen unlike before when you just had to pull it out. And a major new addition is the new UI of the air command menu that appears when the SPen is taken out. When trying out the SPen, we could see that it has been improved and it felt and sounded just like a pen when we used it on the screen.

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