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DIY Emoji Paperclip |Polymer Clay| Tutorial Published: 1 year ago By: Da Crafty Lilninja

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Aloha! Today I’ll teach you how to make your very own Emoji paperclips. I hope you enjoy it! Part II coming soon! Stay tuned!

Also, stick around to the end to see my featured Stop Motion Short “Play Time “Tag Me””

Kissy Face/ Throwing a Kiss: 1:33
Heart Eyes: 3:54
Sticking Out Tongue: 5:50

List of tools used:
- TLS (Transluscent Liquid Sculpey)
- DuraClear Polyurethane Gloss Varnish
- Paint Brush
- Rubbing Alcohol (If clay is dirty)
- Q-tip (use to apply rubbing alcohol to dirty clay)
- Clay roller
- 4” x 4” White Ceramic Tile

- Various Sizes of Circle Cutters
- Blade
- Scraper Dental Tool
- Blending Tool
- Small and Large Dotting Tools
- Paperclips

Color and Brand of Clay
- Premo Sculpey Clay
- Cadmium Yellow, Pomegranate, Light Blue, White, Burnt Sienna, and Translucent to make any of the colors easier to work with.

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