Say Bye to ANTI-AGING Skin After 30 - Beauty Tips for Anti Aging - Younger Looking Skin Published: 1 year ago By: Gagfire


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Are you following these anti-aging tips ?

Say Bye to ANTI-AGING Skin After 30.

TIP#01-EGG FACE PACK: It's a mixture of Egg white, Malai, Lemon juice. Apply on your face for 15min. Rinse with Cold water & Do it in Alternate day.

TIP#02-CARROT FACE PACK: Take Carrot & Potato boil them then mash it properly add one pinch baking soda& turmeric. Mix it well and apply on face for 2min for smooth face.

TIP#03-ROSE WATER PACK: The mixing of Rose water & Glycerin eith lemon juice and mix it and apply on face

TIP#04-COCONUT MILK PACK: Apply Milk of grated coconuts

TIP#05-BANANA PACK: Take banana and fine paste & mash with warm water and apply over the face and neck.