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What I fix daily - Another Toshiba C50, same symptoms [ Component level repair ] Published: 4 months ago By: Paul Daniels


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As with any business, over time you have a collection of items you find useful or use on a daily basis. Here is a list of the items I've found useful, or are wanting to acquire.

Hotair station (TENMA/Aoyue 852A++):
Hotair station (JBC):

Soldering station (Hakko FX-951):
Soldering Tip (J-tip):
Soldering Tip (1mm bevel):
Hakko Microsoldering handpiece:

Flux - Amtech NC-559:
Solder - Multicore 0.5mm 60/40 leaded:
Hakko dual solder reel holder:

Hakko fume extractor (120V):

Tweezers Hakko CHP 3-SA:
Multimeter probe fine tips:
Screwdrivers - BAKU BK-338 series:

Microscope: AmScope 7-35x:
Adjustable LED ring light (110/240V):

Boardview viewing - OpenBoardView :
Hard drive data recovery - ddrescue :
iPhone backup / manipulation -
iPhone backup decoder - ideviceunback :
iPhone Address book decoder - ios2vcard :
iPhone SMS to CSV converter - imessage2txt :
HDD presence polling - waitfordevice :

Business (Charters Towers Phone & Computer repairs):

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