USB Charging Station Organizer: 5 Port vs 7 Port vs 10 Port Review Published: 1 month ago By: iLuvTrading


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In this video ( I compare the 5 port, 7 port, and 10 port USB charging station organizer by Gofanco. Besides the amount of USB Type A ports some have USB type C, apple watch stand, etc. Let me know if you have any questions thanks.

Gofanco USB C Charging Station 10 port 90W with Apple Watch Stand, Type C Desktop Charging Stand Organizer Rack for phones, tablets and wearable devices, 9 USB Type A & 1 USB Type C:

gofanco 65W 7-Port USB Charging Station Organizer (Black) simultaneously charges phones, tablets and wearable devices - iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Nexus, HTC and others:

gofanco Charging Station 5 Port 48 W, Desktop Charging Stand Organizer for phones, tablets and wearable devices, up to 2.4A Fast Charging, White Multi Port USB Charging Power Hub:

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Disclaimer: Links above are affiliate links meaning i get a small commission if you purchase items using those links. Also these charging stations was sent to me by Gofanco for an honest review.