Android™ 8.0 Oreo: Sony’s latest software experience for Xperia™ Published: 9 months ago By: Sony Xperia

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Discover Xperia XZ Premium, now rolling out Android™ 8.0 Oreo:

For more on Xperia devices receiving this update:

Android™ 8.0 Oreo on Xperia makes the little things easier, because life is hectic enough. Get useful suggestions based on selected text – like opening ‘Maps’ when an address is selected – as well as handy reminders for unfinished tasks, including draft emails and messages. Android™ 8.0 will also automatically optimise smartphone performance and battery life during different parts of your day – for example, when you’re gaming. Check out the link for more.

Our latest smartphones, Xperia XZ1 & Xperia XZ Compact, has Android™ 8.0 Oreo preinstalled, as standard.