How to setup a RAT on Android ! Hack any android phone using Droidjack Published: 2 years ago By: Rizwan Bin Sulaiman


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Assalamu Alaikum !

I gonna show you the way to hack an android mobile phone ! FOR this, you need to somehow let the victim install your
RAT or malicious app that we will make later on this video.
This video was made to show how easy it is for your phone to be monitored if someone has installed an app that allows full permissions. Once that app is installed by email or update the user of the telephone gives access to all files folders within the phone. It shows that someones android handset will also give the hacker access to the web camera inside that phone. It will also stream audio from that android phone/device back to a potential hacker. Apps that allow geolocation permissions in their construction. If anyone using that handset allows geolocation services. then an hacker could easily draw a map using the data the handset produces and is sent to an abuser

Tools you need:
1. JAVA (installed in you computer)
2. Droidjack (i will give you)!zUFSSbCL!K4PDGsm3-V7FAvunz3PL2vVO69BBswyX_glmkf0vXTI
3. No-ip DUC
4. An android mobile for testing (i will use my bluestack as a mobile phone or if i have time i might use my mobile)

now lets start !