Lenovo Miix 630 initial review: Bossing battery life with 20 hours per charge Published: 2 months ago By: All Gadget


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Lenovo has been producing Miix 2-in-1 tablet-cum-laptop devices for a number of years, but relying on Intel for its chipsets. In the last model, the Miix 720, that resulted in an over-powerful, battery-limited product that didn't quite cut the mustard.

But that's all about to change, with the new Miix 630 signalling a new era for on-the-go laptop computing. Thanks to Windows 10 S and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 platform, the Miix 630 touts battery life for up to 20 hours. Yep, pretty much double what you'll get from anything else of an equivalent product.

If you're familiar with the usual Miix design, you'll spot that the Qualcomm-equipped model is a little different: the main tablet is standalone from the keyboard/stand, rather than having a built-in kick stand. That clip-on folio connects simply with magnets, remains secure and has an adjustable watchband hinge-style stand on the back for adjusting the angle as you see fit.

The tablet itself is more metallic in appearance with sharp cut edges that look great - but are actually quite sharp in the hand, which negates its comfort for pure tablet use. Better used as a laptop-replacement then, eh?
What's even more noticeable is the SIM tray to the side, a fairly unusual sighting on Windows devices. But here it is, plain as day, to push on the angle of on-the-go connected use. You'll obviously need to keep in mind that you'll need a relevant network provider to fulfil this, which will have a cost implication.

Connection-wise, the Miix 630's slender frame means there's no full-size USB, but that's to be expected. There's a single USB Type-C, which is also used for charging - so it's a shame there's not a second one available.

As is familiar with Miix products, the 630 features a 12.3-inch Full HD touchscreen, which is well matched for a clear view throughout Windows without pushing things too far and costing battery life.