iPhone 7 / 7 Plus: How to Fix Display that Wont Turn On/ Black Screen/ Nothing on Display (2 Fixes) Published: 1 year ago By: iLuvTrading


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I give you two easy "possible" solutions to get your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus display to come back on. One of these steps should work for you however sometimes you need to do a few times.

Option 1: Hold down home and volume button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo. If you dont see Apple logo then just turn your phone back on.

Option 2: Hold down power button for 3 seconds then hold down the volume down button until Apple logo appears.
Option 3: Firmly press directly under your flashlight and camera lens.

If these methods don't work than you can try using dr.fone - iOS System Recovery with no data loss: https://drfone.wondershare.com/ios-system-recovery.html

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