Samsung Galaxy S4 LCD Screen Repair Guide Published: 4 years ago By: Wit Rigs


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Replacing a new Galaxy S4 LCD screen is not a hard task. Following this repair video, you can repair your broken S4 LCD by your own. The tools you need are a spudger tool and a tweezers. Buy new and original Galaxy S4 LCD Screen at

00:16 Remove the battery cover.
00:31 Remove the battery.
00:35 Twist off 9 screws.
01:16 Remove the back housing frame.
02:26 Twist off two screws on the motherboard.
02:46 Release all flex cable connectors on the motherboard.
03:21 Remove the motherboard.
03:49 Release the touch keypad flex cable.
03:56 Remove the charging port flex cable and USB port bracket.
04:39 Remove the front-facing camera, earphone flex cable, headphone jack and vibrator motor.
05:32 Install a new Galaxy S4 LCD screen with digitizer and frame.
05:34 Put the charging port flex cable and antenna cable back.
05:57 Install the earphone flex cable, front-facing camera, headphone jack and vibrator motor.
06:34 Put the motherboard in its place.
07:04 Connect all the cables and screw two Phillips screws.
08:25 Make sure all cables are connected and all small parts are put back.
08:43 Now put the back housing frame with loudspeaker back.

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