how to factory unlock samsung galaxy s3 FREE in couple min easy and fast AND NOTE 2 Published: 5 years ago By: dtmpowerboss

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at least say thank you.
I unlock my s3 late 2 months ago using this method. When my phone arrived it had 4.1.2, had to downgrade it first, do the steps on the video, just upgraded it again to 4.1.2 and everything works.

It worked. Virgin Mobile Canada. GS3 4.1.1
its work on galaxy s3 4.1.2
totally works on s3 at&t 4.1.1 thank you.
Hi again i unlocked the note SGH-i317 first i flash it to 4.1.1 again then i unlocked it just as te video said, and after that i updated to 4.1.2 and remains unlocked.
Thanks for the video man.

Azazel Ruiz
worked for me, was on Bell/Virgin Mobile Network in Canada. Thanks

You dont need any sim card to unlock this i just put att to show you that it works but you can unlock it with no sim card

this was done on t999 tmobile s 3 it should work on att no problems i did not try but am sure it would work same way

simple way to do it and fast i use tmobile phone with att card as you see it popped that phone is locked after all this steps i went truth i did not pop any more as it is now factory unlock easy and fast and you save your selft $30 please do as i did in order take time to do it follow my steps as it had to take time to do it the write way thanks for watching

verizon and sprint does not have gsm support no sim card no it will not work only if it has gsm/sim car