Team of Archers vs. iPad Pro! Published: 2 years ago By: PhoneBuff


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What happens when you shoot 8 arrows at an iPad Pro all at the same time with a bunch of professional archers? We find out in the final episode of Versus: Archery Edition!

Ep.1: Can iPhone 6S Survive An Arrow From 100 FT? –
Ep. 2: Can iPhone 6S Protect The Human Head From An Arrow? –
Ep. 3: Can Galaxy S7 Protect The Human Head From An Arrow? –
Ep. 4: How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop An Arrow? –
Ep. 5: Can World's Largest Gummy Bear Protect iPhone From An Arrow? –

Thanks to the Long Beach State Archery Club for working with us on this series. Check them out at:

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Producer / Host:
David Rahimi
Jay B. Julio

Jay B. Julio

Production Coordinator:
Daniel Murray

LBSAC Officers:
Vannak Voutha
Nichole Kimbell

Camera Dept:
Andrew Sanchez (a cam)
Dominic Lopez (b cam)
Bryce Lansing (c cam)
Pedro Avila (phantom)

Matt Reyes

Production Assistants:
Travis Bruggeman
Jasmine Juan
Yousef Nawabi

Brenna Steinwachs
Carlos Barrientos
Shiela Prado
Gabriel De Vicente
Sean Thenard
Brian Nguyen
Songyi Han

Special Thanks:
Cal State Long Beach