How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 EASY METHOD FREE!!! Published: 4 years ago By: Total Tech

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In this video we cover how to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S4 from AT&T or AIO Wireless with this EASY METHOD, Its a simple as pressing a button.
Your device must be rooted, For info on how to Root the S4 from AT&T or AIO, See our video on Rooting the S4 which is also a one click easy solution.
Upon completing this HOW TO video your device will be fully unlocked and working with any sim card.
This also works on the NOTE 2, and NOTE 3 as well.
If this video helped you, Give us a thumbs up, Share it to help other save for paying for an unlock, And subscribe to the channel to keep up with all we are doing, S5 Rom coming soon!

Region Lock Away app link

Root Galaxy S4 One Click

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