How to unlock any Samsung Galaxy S8 without password Published: 6 months ago By: SilentNinja334


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This is a tutorial on how to unlock any Samsung Galaxy S8 without a password. Hope you guys enjoy. Please like, comment, and subscribe.

There are a few flaws with this method of getting into the phone, so here it is. When you try to say OK GOOGLE, you have to try to sound like the person that owns the phone. For example, I let four other people try to get into my phone by saying ok google. When I let people try it with a voice that has a higher or lower pitch than mine, it didn't let them in, so the was just something to put out there to inform you that it sometimes doesn't work. Also, I forgot to tell you but, you can only change the password if you know the owners password, sorry, but, you can still get into the phone and look through their personal information and stuff, I'm not encouraging you to do that though.

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