OZO Live from Intel’s booth at CES 2017 in YouTube 360: Sunday, Jan. 8 Published: 1 year ago By: Nokia


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Step into the Intel booth to see the future unfold live in YouTube 360. See, hear, and experience the latest technology innovations in virtual reality, 5G, artificial intelligence, drones, and more live from the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2017.

This live 360 stream is made possible with Nokia OZO Camera and Live solutions for virtual reality capture and broadcast. For more on Nokia’s OZO VR products, visit: http://ozo.nokia.com.

Sunday 8 January
10:20 AM Innovation Takes Flight - Drones Unleashed
11:00 AM Merged Reality with Intel RealSense Technology
11:45 AM Intel, Powering the Digital Canvas with Corel
12:30 PM Human Machine Interface - Trusting Automated Driving
1:30 PM Innovation Takes Flight - Drones Unleashed
2:30 PM Artificial Intelligence at The Edge
3:15 PM eSports CLG Red Plays The Unspoken