10 TIPS THAT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY Published: 4 months ago By: #Mind Warehouse


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You all probably now that human life is an unpredictable journey and you never know what’s gonna happen an hour, a day or a month from now. Your future can be, of course, full of nice surprises. But what if it’s not? What if today you end up in the middle of a massacre in the street? What if you are attacked by a pack of street dogs in the way to the supermarket? What if a terrorist decides to take you as a hostage? Calm down! Don’t cry and don’t panic! This is just a reminder that you have to be always ready. That is exactly the reason why today we are gonna show you some working tricks to survive in different, extreme life situations... and you might thank us someday, if you survive, of course. So, here are 10 useful advices to survive in life