2x2 Cube Former WORLD RECORDS - 0.58 Single & 1.55 Average! - Rami Sbahi Published: 3 years ago By: INSANEcuber

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ATTENTION: I got the record back, with a time of 1.45!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvb_cir9ews

(0.58 [WR]), 1.46, 1.81, 1.37, (3.67+) = 1.55 2x2 Rubik's Cube World Record average, with 0.58 World Record single.

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Back angle, zoomed, and in slow motion of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03up6...

Fun facts: This is the first 0.5x single and 1.5x average for 2x2 in the world! :D Also, the 0.58 single broke the oldest standing world record time in cubing, which was the 2x2 single of 0.69, which was from back in 2011.

This is just crazy. This was done literally two weeks ago. But, there was a big dispute about whether or not the 0.58 should count. The dispute went my way; here's the information: https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/... At the time, I had no idea that the 0.58 would count, thus my boring reaction after the single and the average (actually ticked off because the +2). I'll hopefully upload a reaction video from home, haha (already recorded a video from ~10 minutes after finding out that the WCA accepted this).

Did you guys like the double angle thing? Should I upload the back angle view of the average separately (doesn't include the 0.58 though)?


0.58 - R U' R' U' R U2 F' U' R2 F' U2
R U2 R2 F (LL skip, I guess)
4 moves / 0.58 = 6.9 tps. https://goo.gl/nDdbgQ

1.46 - F U' F R U R' U' R U R' U2
x y
R' U' R
D’ R U’ R2’ F R U R U2 R’ U’ (EG-1)
14 moves / 1.46 = 9.6 tps. https://goo.gl/ntkt6S

1.81 - U' R U' F R' U R U2 R' F U'
R’ U’ R2 U R’
U’ R’ U2’ R2 U’ R’ F2 R2 F’ U’ (EG-2)
15 moves / 1.81 = 8.3 tps. https://goo.gl/Ss4tS8

1.37 - R' F2 R U2 R' F R2 U' R U' R'
x2 y’
R’ U’ R U2 R’
U R U’ R2’ F R2 U’ R’ (EG-1)
13 moves / 1.37 = 9.5 tps. https://goo.gl/J5nDr1

3.67+ - R' F U2 R U F' R2 F R' F R2
x y
U2 R’ U R’
U’ F’ R U R’ U’ R U R2 F’ R U’ (EG-1)
16 moves / 1.67 = 9.6 tps without the plus two.
16 moves / 3.67 = 4.4 tps (lol +2) https://goo.gl/NoOrVt

Cube: DaYan with a lot of Maru lube.

Method: EG.

Done at Canadian Open 2015.