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7 best Smartphone accessories you can buy in 2016-2017

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7.The Superbook:http://www.getsuperbook.com/

6.Zuz Cable:http://www.nonda.co/products/kevlar-reinforced-zus-charging-cable-usb-c-and-lightning

5.Fli Chargehttp://www.flicharge.com/products/#our-products

4.The Glif:http://www.studioneat.com/products/glif





7.The Superbook is a gadget that turns your Android smartphone into a complete laptop.
it use your smartphone computing power,but give you more freedom a bigger screen size,and unlimited mobile interface.

When plugged into your Android smartphone, it launches our app to deliver the full laptop experience.

the superbook is basiclly a smart laptop shell that provides a large sreen ,keyboard and multi-touch trackpad,8+ hours of battery,and can charge phone at the same time.

Think of it as the ultimate accessory for your smartphone

6.Zuz Cable:

the world's first Kevlar cable with a Lifetime Guarantee.

5.Fli Charge:

FLI Charge’s products include power pads, charging cases for the most popular Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models as well as universal adapters for all other USB powered devices.

One of the key advantages of FLI Charge’s conductive wire-free charging technology is that all FLI Charge pads are compatible with all FLI Charge cases and universal adaptors. Furthermore, FLI Charge’s power pads are capable of powering multiple devices with cumulative power requirements in excess of 150 watts.

4.The Glif:is a smartphone accessory with two primary functions: mounting your phone onto a tripod, and propping your phone up at various angles.

3.Bagel:Bagel is a digital tape measure that helps you measure, organize, and analyze any size measurements in a smart way.

2.Baubax:Smart Clothing and Accessories to Charge your Smartphone and Bluetooth Earphones Wirelessly

1.Nurgo:is the smallest & lightest digital microscope with 400x magnification & high resolution

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