Meiigoo S8 Review: Budget Bezel less Smartphone with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM! Published: 7 months ago By: All Gadget


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This phone is yet another example of an unexpected gift when you work with it. Recently Samsung has launched its new flagship smartphone S8. The users are liking the design and rounded shape of the S8 and why not it is something new and fresh as well. After the Samsung, a lot of chines smartphone manufacture are also working on the same design. Now Meiigoo S8 is the new flagship smartphone which resembles Samsung S8. In the first look of the phone, you can’t say is it Samsung or Meiigoo. The Meiigoo S8 has the 6.1 inch, display with 1440 x 720 Pixel. When you looked at the curved edges of the S8 feels pleased and feel much better to hold. The Screen ration of the phone makes it handier when you hold it and makes it one hand use. A lot of smartphones have the 6” display is not easy to use but with the Meiigoo S8 you don’t feel that kind of issue. The design is not the only thing you need to consider when you buy a new smartphone the hardware, memory, camera, Batter etc. features of the phone are also important as well. So, let’s take a look at them one by one and also compare with Samsung S8.

Meiigoo S8 Review: Design & Appearance
Unlike other phones of this segment, Meiigoo S8 has a unique and impressive design. It has a large screen which occupies the 81% of the total area of the front part. It has a metal finish to allure the users to its simplicity. The metal finish brings a resplendent touch to its body. It has a high-quality unibody that feels very good when you use it. The screen is possessed with some real colors in which the white does not turn to yellow. The blacks are always pure blacks due to the magnificent color quality of its screen. It has a resolution of HD with 720 x 1440 pixels which is more than enough on these type of android devices. Talking about the more about the display the 6.1″ has 18:9 aspect ratio which makes it handy. Looking at other 6″ smartphone have the 16:9 ratio makes them slightly bigger and hard to handle with one hand. The curved display on the both side gives you the bezel-less design. As compared to the 2.5 curved, it has 3D curved edges makes it more smooth and elegant phone.

Meiigoo S8 Review: Hardware & Performance
If we talk about the performance, then MEIIGOO S8 has a MediaTek MT6750T 1.5Gz octa-core processor which is manufactured by Mediatek. It has a splendid 4GB RAM which provides a powerful and fast terminal when there are different applications installed in this phone. The 4GB RAM ensures a smooth working of the phone without the tension of its lagging and hanging. It does not heat when it comes to the overdose of usage. Unlike other phones that tend to heat up too fast when there are multiple applications running Meiigoo S8 does not heat and remains calm and cool. The memory storage of this phone is 64GB which can be extended up to 256 GB. This eliminates the worry you face if you want to download more stuff without making the phone lag behind. It runs on Android 7.1 Nougat. The memory and storage capacity is something worth noting here. For a phone in this segment, you may find different sets with this much capacity but there is no other phone which offers it with a fluent set of RAM and operating system which would enable you to completely utilize the capacity without harming your phone.
Meiigoo S8 Review: Software
A Good phone needs to run on the good hardware along with the latest software. As far you know that Meiigoo S8 running on the Octa-Core processor which makes it more smooth but the Operating system also optimized the performance. The Android 7.1 will let you optimize the performance and apps management. You can perform the split screen, customize the notification panel, and status bar as well. The sound quality of Meiigoo S8 is good. It is loud enough to not let you miss any notification or a call even in noisy places. It also helps you enjoy the multimedia content on your phone by watching videos or listening to music through your built-in speaker without many impediments. The connective of this phone in terms of Wi-Fi and GPS is exceptionally good. It can let you connect to the signals even in the most remote of areas where you do not get any connectivity in other phones.