SHOCKING Truth About DNA Kits | WATCH BEFORE TESTING! Published: 2 months ago By: Jill Maurer


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DNA Testing is a great way to reconnect and learn more about your ancestors. All across YouTube people are sharing their interesting (and often shocking) results. While DNA tests area great idea in theory, there are some things EVERYONE should know before deciding whether or not the test is for them.

For one, the data about your DNA sample gives people much more information about you than you may realize. And once you have had the testing done, this data about you now exists somewhere else, even after the sample is destroyed.

While companies like 23andMe currently advertise the safety of your data, its always a good idea to consider the potential consequences of new technology.

In this video I talk about some of the potential harm this data could do against you, and those related to you. I, of course, urge you to do your own research and make the decision for yourself.

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