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Prepare yourself for a fully loaded episode of 5 Amazing Gadgets Under $50. These new innovative and affordable inventions include: A smart mailbox beacon, a game controller for the top gaming app, plus 3 other interesting new products available now.
Take a moment and discover more about each product by visiting the websites down below.
Official Websites:

0:07 - Mail Beacon - https://igg.me/at/mailbeacon/x - Upgrade your mailbox with this installable smart gadget that monitors the status of your mailbox.

1:38 - Motion Ball Controller - http://kck.st/2bi7Frc - A durable smart ball that doubles as a controller for the most popular gaming App in the whole wide world.

3:41 - Lazy Holder - http://kck.st/2cGJjtq - The ultimate magnetic smartphone holder with wireless connective charging and flexible arm positioning.

6:17 - L E I F - http://kck.st/2bpRJ6d - Place this credit card-size tracking device in your wallet and receive notifications whenever you misplace your wallet or it becomes compromised.

8:54 - Qliplet - https://igg.me/at/qliplet/x - A highly versatile and durable clip that can be incredibly useful in dozens of different daily scenarios, both on the go and at home.
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