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Aaron and Aphmau | Minecraft MyStreet Season 1 Finale PT.3 END [Ep.35 Minecraft Roleplay] Published: 1 year ago By: Aphmau

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It's the final day of the convention!

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★Proxy Comics:

Song Cover(s)
★Elsie Lovelock:
★Henohenomoheji Band:

Voice Actors:
★Zianna / Michi's Voice (Kawaii~Chan fill-in) - Ame:
★Random Nerd - KamiWasa -
★Lucinda's Voice - Anairis Quinones:
★Katelyn's Voice - PrincessRizu:
★Vylad's Voice - Cole Petty:
★Travis and Brendan's Voice - Patrick M. Seymour:
★Dante and Zane's Voice - LucariosKlaw:
★Garroth and Jeffery's Voice - TheDragonHat:
★ Laurance's Voice - Sebastian Todd:
★Katelyn's Voice - PrincessRizu:
★Kawaii~Chan’s Voice - Moeka:
★ Kenmur's Voice - Ross:
★ Pinkie "Cake's" Voice: Eile Monty -
★Reese's Voice: MithzanMax:
★ Aaron's Voice - ???

U-Ummm... Zianna follows me I guess... [Official RP account]:

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