Samsung Galaxy X Introduction, Most Updated Realistic Design, Foldable Smartphone is Finally Here !! Published: 3 months ago By: TechConfigurations


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We have been hearing about Galaxy X, the foldable smartphones for a while, and now it seems we are much closer to it than ever, as the new leaks suggest the Galaxy X will debut in 2018. Earlier the leaks suggested that the launch will happen in CES 2018, but now according to the latest rumors it won't happen, instead Samsung would have a separate event for the Galaxy X somewhere in 2018. As you guys know we have already provided you with another concept a few months back but that was our first attempt and now it seems we have a lot to add to it. So here we have created a more realistic concept realistic concept of the Galaxy X based on leaks, but the basic idea is same as of a foldable smartphone similar to our first concept but here we have given more importance the materials in a realistic manner by introducing leather wrap design combined with kevlar fabric for high durability and premium feel.

Here we have conceptualized a foldable smartphone with two separate displays one with the 5 inch screen size and another foldable display with 8 inch screen size. The 5inch display will be useful in the folded mode, in which the user would be able to use the Galaxy X as a normal smartphone while they can unfold the it to reveal the 8 inch 4K display and use the Galaxy X as a Tablet. We have also conceptualized an idea of a laptop mode( 120 degree fold) which should make the smartphone behave like a proper laptop with half of the fold turning into a fully functional keyboard why the other half will act as display and the whole UI will be changed to Samsung Dex(More info in the video below) for a complete laptop experience. so in short the Galaxy X would be able to satisfy the users who want to carry compact form factors smartphone with the 5 inch display while always has the ability to go to a larger screen with an 8 inch screen size or even convert it to a laptop if needed.
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