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How to Unlock Anyone's iPhone 6 Without Password Published: 11 months ago By: TrendingNowz


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Edit: This has been patched you can no longer use this method for the latest iPhone and the latest patch.

The phone I am using is iPhone 6 with software version 9.2.1, Touch ID is only for my thumbs, my index finger isn't added to my Touch ID.

I am hearing reports that Apple has started fixing this bug, check if it works on your phone, might have already been updated and fixed though.

How to unlock and hack anyone's iPhone 6 without their password!

1. Hold home button for Siri
2. Ask Siri "what time is it?"
3. Click on the clock
4. Click on edit
5. Click on add
6. Type anything into the box
7. Hold and click Select All
8. Click Share
9. Select Messages
10. Type anything and then click home

You're done!

Learn how to hack and bypass anyone iPhone password. Learn this trick to hack through touchID on an iPhone 6.

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