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Toshiba phone repair, Local & National Toshiba Telephone Repair. We offer service, support, and upgrades of Toshiba Phone Systems.

"Local & National Telephone Installers"
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Toshiba phone repair
Our Toshiba telephone systems, are the backbone of our business therefore keeping them up and running or upgrading is key to keeping strong communication. We never want to loose a call, or reduce our chance of providing great client care.

Toshiba Telephone repair
Upgrade Program - Trade-up program, enabling trade-in of legacy Toshiba business telephone systems for telephone systems with Digital Voice Lines (TM) these telephone solutions offer significant savings. Users of Toshiba’s out-dated Strata® DK, Strata CTX and Strata CIX™ business telephone solution as well as Toshiba’s IPedge ® and Strata CIX670 / Strata CIX100 on-premises business telephone systems. Available through select Authorized Toshiba Dealers, the “Trade Up - Upgrade” to Affordable advanced Business phone systems.

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