Toshiba 52HM84 Ballast Replacement Repair Guide 2012 Published: 6 years ago By: Browningate


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In my last video, I covered how I came to acquire the Toshiba 52HM84 DLP Rear Projection Television set. At that time (about four months ago) I looked into the possibility of repairing it as it had the infamous symptom of not lighting the lamp or starting up first try. A quick internet search led me to find out that this was quite common among all the HM84 models, but could be easily repaired in most cases by just replacing the ballast. Here's the rundown:

00:47 - Supplies
03:17 - Repair
07:20 - Reassembly

Part Numbers:
23122468 - Original HM84 Ballast (expensive)
23122497 - Alternative Compatible Ballast (less expensive, equally effective)

UPDATE (September 2014) - In light of the ballast no longer being available to purchase affordably, some people have made an effort to repair their broken ballasts. If you'd like to learn more about trying this for yourself, be sure to check out the David Rios comment thread in the comments on this video and look for Bogdan Sandu's comments for details on exactly how the repair was done.

UPDATE (November 2013) - Please note that this video was originally recorded in summer of 2012. Since then, the part used is no longer available from the cheaper site and is (for the time being) out of stock on ShopJimmy. Ballasts do show up on eBay for around $70 (or less) from time to time and several sellers are now offering a repair kit for the 23122468 ballast for around $30 (YMMV). If you'd like to repair your existing board to save money but can't or don't want to solder, one eBay seller is also offering a repair service for $45. I can't vouch for the effectiveness of any of these methods, but they may be worth checking out if anyone is looking to repair one of these sets for a reasonable price. As mentioned, it is a pretty decent machine as mid-2000s-era DLP televisions go.

Check out the full product review here:


AVSForum Guide:

23122497 Ballast (alternative compatible part): (11/2013 - out of stock)

ShopJimmy Parts Overstock Pricematch link (provide this over the phone to get the ballast for $50): (11/2013 - item appears to not be in their catalog anymore)

If you'd like additional details or photos of the process, please leave a comment or personal message.

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Video Shot on the Canon ZR10.